Warm-up Questions about sports and health

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This quick but fun warm-up will not only make your class think about the subject but also brainstorm the ideas related to sports and health. This warm-up will allow your students to carefully listen to each other and compete with other students in the group. 

Language Level: pre-intermediate/ intermediate/ upper-intermediate
Learner: teens, adults
Activity: listening, speaking
Time: 15mins
Topic: Sports and Health 
Materials: worksheet  


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1. Divide students into pairs. In each pair you’ve got a reader and a writer. [sociallocker]

2. Ask the writers to stand up and stand in one line so that they are in front of their writer. I always ask the readers to stand far so that they have to read the questions a bit louder.

3. Explain that the readers are going to read 10 questions. Writers’ task is to write the answers to these questions. 

4. Distribute the questions and ask the writers to write numbers 1-10.

5. To avoid cheating ask every other reader to start from the end (questions no.10). 

Have fun 🙂 [/sociallocker]



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English Lesson PlanWarm-up Questions about sports and health