Virtual CEO and Superhero syndrome

It seems that every entrepreneur, at some point of his or her journey, often suffers from a “superhero syndrome”, a term introduced by Chris Ducker in his recent book ‘Virtual Freedom’. The superhero syndrome is the misconception that to be successful, you must do everything yourself. Not only are you the boss, but also the online marketer, operations manager, salesperson, copywriter, HR manager, well, you get the point. Many give up at the very beginning as there’s just too much to handle for a single human being. Nevertheless, the outsourcing guru Chris Ducker knows exactly how you can get the help you need and within the budget you can afford. He reminds you that whenever you’re a small business owner, a consultant or an online entrepreneur you don’t have to face all obstacles alone. Discovering the power of building a virtual team is the goal in running, supporting and growing your business. In his book Ducker explains every detail you need to grasp, from figuring out which jobs you should outsource to finding, hiring, motivating, training and managing virtual assistants. With extra tactics and online resources, “Virtual Freedom” is the ultimate resource of the knowledge and tools enabling you to build your business with the help of virtual staff.

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