Ten little turkeys- song related to Thanksgiving- Kindergarten Lesson Plan

English Lesson Plan Elementary A1, Listening, Video

This EFL kindergarten Lesson plan is aimed at young 4-6 years old elementary learners, who by the end of the lesson will be wearing masks and acting out the lyrics of the song. During this lesson you’ll revise the numbers 1-10, few of past simple verbs and singular/ plural nouns of animals.

Topic: Ten little turkeys – Thanksgiving theme song
Activity: listening
Level: Beginner to Elementary
Learner: kids, young learners
Time: 50-60 minutes
Materials: video + worksheet + ribbons/cord/shoelaces to attach the mask

Before playing the song pre-teach some vocabulary. Here’s the list of words together with pictures

Once you’ve practised saying the words, show your young learner the 1st slide. Ask them what they can see in the photo. Possible answers: a farm, a hen, a turkey, grass. Show them another photo and ask the same question, pay attention to the difference – 1 turkey, 2 turkeys. Continue practising until students are familiar with numbers and nouns.

Later show students another photo, where the hen tells turkeys to hide. Read the sentence. Turkeys are afraid so one of them decides to fly away. Show the group of other slides, explain that one of the turkeys flew away.

Show another slide and ask what happened with the other turkey, do the same with the rest of the slides.

Read the sentences and demonstrate the action.

Print-out the pen and turkeys (download from here– you’ll need to print the last page twice as there are only 9 turkeys in it) . Colour the turkeys, each student should paint at least 2 turkeys. Then put all 10 turkeys inside the pen. Listen to the song and ask students to take out one of the birds when the song says so.

A variation here would be to play the song from the middle so that your learners will have to listen carefully to the number that is sung.


Download and print the masks, some of them are already coloured, others require colouring. Help your students attach the ribbons, cord or shoelaces to the mask. Once all the students have masks, arrange them to stand in a group of ten- just as the turkeys. Play the song, students sing and whenever it’s necessary one of the turkeys ‘flies away’ from the pen.

Big thanks to the Learning station for providing such a great resources for teachers and kids!


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English Lesson PlanTen little turkeys- song related to Thanksgiving- Kindergarten Lesson Plan