St Patricks Day EFL Lesson plan Past Simple passive

English Lesson Plan History, Intermediate B1/B2, Passive voice, Upper- intermediate B2, Video

“The anniversary of St. Patrick’s day: and may the Shamrock be green for ever.” ~Irish Toasts by Shane Na Gael, 1908

During this lesson your EFL students will practice grammar, in particular past simple active and passive voice sentence structures. On top of that students will learn more about St Patrick’s day. It’s an excellent English lesson plan for intermediate and upper-intermediate level students who need to practice speaking using past simple passive voice.

Language Level: intermediate/ upper-intermediate B1/B2
Learner: teens, adults
Activity: listening, speaking
Time: 50- 60 mins
Topic: St Patrick’s Day 
Materials: worksheet + video  

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Show sts photos that refer to St Patrick’s day and ask them to talk in pairs and discuss whether there are any connections between those pictures. You might need to pre-teach some words such as: leprechaun or shamrock.

Once sts talked about the pics explain who St Patrick was and why 17th March is an important day for Ireland.

Distribute worksheet and ask sts to complete Exercise 1- there’s a brief history of St Patrick’s life and students’ task is to put the story in order.

Here’s the correct order:

  1. St Patrick was born in Britain.

  2. He was an atheist until the age of 16.

  3. His village was attacked by Irish marauders and he was taken into slavery

  4. He was sold to a Druid chief, his master.

  5. He turned into Christianity during his captivity.

  6. He sailed back to English to study in a monastery for 12 years

  7. He returned to Ireland and paid his ransom to his former master.

  8. His master threw himself into flames

  9. Having worked in Ireland for 30 years Patrick retired and soon after died.

Words you might need to pre-teach: atheist, marauders, slavery, captivity, monastery.

Once students finished the task play the video so that sts can check the order. Play the video twice if necessary.

Exercise 2- this activity concentrates on the info from the video as well as the revision of passive voice structure. Ask sts to work in pairs and answer the questions, later play the clip and check the answers with students.

Exercise 3 – focuses on the last part of the clip, particularly the legends. Students listen to the last part of the video and in pairs talk about the two myths being described- these are – legend about snakes as well as one about raising people from dead.

Exercise 4- Students work in pairs and research, using their phones, other legends and myths surrounding St Patrick


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English Lesson PlanSt Patricks Day EFL Lesson plan Past Simple passive