Past Simple Scrabble A1 speaking activity elementary

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Having done the passive scrabble form New Cutting Edge Upper-Inter TB
I had to do a similar activity for Past Simple for my elementary level students. It helped them understand the structure and word order in the sentence. 

Language Level: elementary level A1 
Learner: teens, adults
Activity:  speaking, reading
Time: 30-45 mins
Topic: Past Simple 
Materials: worksheet  


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You will need:

One set of cut-up cards for each group of three or four students.

Put each set of cards in an envelope

Procedure :

1. Divide students in groups of three or four. Give one envelope to each group, and ask them to take out twelve cards each.

2. Students must take it in turns to use the cards to make a correct sentence (or a question) in the past simple. One student starts, and the next student must make another sentence which includes one card from the first sentence. The students continue in turn.



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emilyPast Simple Scrabble A1 speaking activity elementary