In-flight safety procedure

English Lesson Plan Intermediate B1/B2, Presentation, Speaking, Video, Writing

  • Language Level: Intermediate to upper-intermediate
  • Learner: Teens; Adults
  • Activity: Speaking, vocabulary, listening, writing, presentation
  • Time: 60- 70 mins
  • Topic: In-flight safety procedure
  • Materials: Video, realia

This lesson plan is a great way of teaching and getting students to use the vocabulary connected with travelling by plane, it’s also an excellent follow-up to the lesson about ‘Air travel: inside story’ from  New English File – upper-intermediate level coursebook.

By the end of the lesson students will be able to use the vocabulary connected with flying and write instructions the other should follow.

I used this plan during few classes with intermediate and upper-inter level students, the last part of the lesson is  lots of fun as we all were sitting ‘on a plane’ and listening to the ‘cabin crew’.


  1. Brainstorm ideas on the vocab necessary to explain in-flight safety procedure (10mins)
  2. Watch video to check the vocab and ideas (15mins)
  3. Write a plan of a safety procedure (20mins)
  4. Present the safety procedure ( depends on the number of students 10-20mins)


1. Ask students to imagine they’re on a plane and they’re listening to the safety procedure that the cabin crew presents. Ask them to write some of the requests the flight attendant usually says. Allow 3 mins to write down the ideas, then ask students to compare their ideas with fellow students.

Elicit some vocab, e.g.: departure, overhead locker, aisle, electronic devices, emergency exit, fasten a seatbelt, oxygen mask, strap, adjust, life vest, tray table, seat in upright position, safety instruction pack.

2. Tell students they’re going to watch the safety instructions, students task is to compare their ideas and the info given in the video. Once you play the video for the 1st time your students should compare their ideas. After 2nd time students should be able to explain majority of the steps of the safety procedure so elicit the answers.

Here are the links to videos you can choose from: ,  or

3. Tell your students to imagine that they work for one of airlines,  which doesn’t have the safety instructions in place yet. Divide your class into groups of 3 or 4 students and explain that they should write and later present the safety  instructions to the whole class. It’s a group writing process, however it’s suggested to appoint a captain of the group who will delegate the responsibilities. Within the group there should be 1 or 2 people reading the instructions and the other 2 should use the realia to demonstrate the procedure that is being read. Groups should gather together to produce/ write the safety instruction, come up with the name of the airline and conduct rehearsal. Teacher should closely monitor the writing process to make sure the presentation is free of any grammar mistakes.

4. Make sure you rearrange the seating so that it imitates the seating plan and the aisle as in the aircraft.  Each group will now demonstrate the whole procedure while the rest of the ‘passengers’ listen and judge which presentation they reckon sounds the safest,  and whether they’ll fly with the airline again.

They should use realia to give the presentation more authenticity. Check the photo below for inspiration 🙂

Lesson Plan in-flight  safety procedure

English Lesson PlanIn-flight safety procedure