Christmas Decorations DIY – EFL Lesson Plan

English Lesson Plan Intermediate B1/B2, Pre-intermediate A2, Speaking

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year -Charles Dickens

In this lesson your students will learn how to make simple Christmas decorations, and express their opinion on their favourite decoration, using comparatives and superlatives. This Christmas inspired lesson plan focuses on creativity and speaking skills, and is a nice way to close the semester before the Christmas break!

Topic: 8 super easy DIY Disney Christmas Decorations
Language level: pre-intermediate A2 or intermediate B1
Learner: young learners, teens, adults
Time: 60 to 80 mins 
Grammar:  comparatives and superlatives
Materialsvideo, questionnaire worksheet, undecorated Christmas tree, old Christmas decorations, various craft supplies

Get your students’ attention to the undecorated Christmas tree in your classroom. Explain you will decorate the tree together, making your own decorations.

You can either ask your students one class beforehand to bring their old Christmas decorations, or you can bring them in yourself.

Show the short video for students to get some inspiration.


In this part of the class, students will all create one Christmas decoration, and hang it in the tree when they are finished.

While crafting, students will be provided with a safe environment to practice their English language skills. Explain to the students that they can talk as much as they want, but all communication should happen in English.

Every time you hear someone use another language, ‘punish’ the class by taking 3 important craft supplies away. That way the students will be encouraged to use English, and the simple task of creating Christmas decorations becomes more challenging.

Make sure to set a strict time limit, this part of the class should not take longer than 30 mins!


Now that all of the students’ decorations are hanging in the tree, it is time to evaluate each other’s work. Make sure students focus on the positive aspects of their peers’ work, it is Christmas after all.

Hand out the attached questionnaire to each student. Students fill in the questionnaire.

After filling in the questionnaire, divide the students into groups of 5, and ask them to discuss the results from the questionnaires. Tell them they have to come up with a summary, comparing the different decorations with each other, for example:

  • Our group found that Jimmy had the most original one, although Elsa’s was more colourful….

When the students are finished with their small group discussion, do the same exercise, this time with the whole class.

Allowing your students to have a discussion in smaller groups first will increase their confidence in speaking, so quieter students will feel less threatened when speaking in front of the whole class.

Please make sure you explain the words which have been used in the scale ( appalling, miserable, mediocre, promising, exceptional)


Special Thanks to LDShadowLady for creating and sharing the video!

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English Lesson PlanChristmas Decorations DIY – EFL Lesson Plan