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Camden Town

English Lesson Plan Listening, Pre-intermediate A2, Presentation, Speaking, Video, Vocabulary, Writing

This lesson plan is a great way of developing students’ listening ability but also improving their writing skills. During this lesson students will learn more about one of the most colourful and diverse places in London, that is Camden Town.

  • Language Level: Pre- intermediate A2
  • Learner: Teens; Adults
  • Activity: Speaking, vocabulary, listening
  • Time: 30 mins + 60mins project
  • Topic: London Tourists Attractions – Camden Town
  • Materials: Photos, video

By the end of the lesson students will be more confident when writing / describing a place, learn the necessary vocabulary in order to express their own reason for visiting a tourist attraction. Plus they will understand why Camden is so popular.


  1. Pair discussion about favourite places in London, show photos and pre-teach vocabulary about Camden (15mins)
  2. Watch the video and do the activity (15mins)
  3. Group work- project about Camden Town (60mins)

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1.Ask your students to close their eyes and imagine the following: It’s your first day in London/ Which tourist attraction are you visiting first? Are you visiting the London Eye, or you’re going to the British museum? Or maybe to Camden Market? Or Oxford Street? Why do you go there?

 Students open their eyes and compare the ideas in pairs A-B. Teacher elicits answers from student A that s/he heard from student B ( this will allow students to recall what the other person said- see below).


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English Lesson PlanCamden Town