Become the best English language teacher in your school

From an average to the best English language teacher in your school 

How to become the best English language teacher for your students  in 4 easy steps 

Boost your confidence and knowledge about English language and learn about potential mistakes your students are facing when studying English. Become a mentor who guides and motivates to continuous learning. Help your students achieve their goals and realise their potential, here are 4 steps how to become an expert in teaching English as a second language.

  1. Motivate your students

Some use grades and marks or ever rewards to motivate their learners but these are very rarely effective as every student is rather short-sighted and studies quite infrequently. Shaping intrinsic motivation by inspiring and discovering passion and building enthusiasm towards learning English is what you have to aim for. Your creativity plays an important role in helping your students achieve that.

PRAISE, PRAISE…, PRAISE… children, teenagers and adults.  Applauding directly affects our beliefs about successes or failures. It leads to increased persistence, self-evaluation and internal motivation it also leads to increased learning and higher achievement.

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  1. Study the learning processes

When planning a lesson and setting the objectives make sure you activate as many information processing processes as our cognitive system has.
Triggering your students’ senses, emotions, body, social processes, associative processes improves their concertation, involvement in a lesson and willingness to learn. Your creativity is crucial to helping you create an amazing lessons that mixes a variety of learning methods. Forget about a coursebook or syllabus, think outside the box and prepare a lessons that even you’d enjoy.



  1. Become an expert in your field

Being a passionate English teacher will naturally bring indescribable pleasure from sharing your knowledge with learners, you are much easier to engage with plus your enthusiasm will encourage your students to work even more. Become interested in the language, in the nuances of tenses or vocabulary; show your interest in the culture and customs of an English speaking country, when doing so will always be a more interesting source of knowledge and admiration amongst your learners.

  1. Be demanding, but also patient, friendly and kind

The more you demand the more your students learn, however don’t set the expectations too high as making things more difficult is unhelpful and discouraging.

A good EFL teacher should demonstrate a lot of patience in explaining various complexities of English language, whether it’s a grammar structure or pronunciation mistake. If you hear the same mistake yet again, do not get annoyed, bite your tongue and explain why it’s an error and keep in mind that everyone learns at a slightly different pace and some issues have to be explained even several times.
Be happy and smile as that always guarantees a fantastic atmosphere  during a lesson.

Hope that helps 😉 



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