fit in 15mins english lesson plan

Fit in 15 minutes – create your own work-out

emily Intermediate B1/B2, Listening, Pre-intermediate A2, Presentation, Speaking, Upper- intermediate B2, Writing

This lesson plan is a great way of integrating already known body parts vocabulary together with verbs describing movement. Students are going to watch a workout video and later prepare and present their own workout while the rest follow their instructions.

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emilyFit in 15 minutes – create your own work-out
London attractions Gherin lesson plan teach english

London Attractions – skyscraper The Gherkin

emily Intermediate B1/B2, Listening, Speaking, Video, Vocabulary

This lesson plan is a great way of getting students to find out more about the few skyscrapers in London. During the lesson students will learn vocabulary describing the the building and its structure. The video is an excellent intro to the lesson from  IELTS Objective intermediate coursebook about Gherkin that also practises the usage of gerund and infinitive.

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emilyLondon Attractions – skyscraper The Gherkin